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This website aims to promote more healthy attitudes surrounding sex by sharing one woman’s experiences working with a male sex surrogate partner, with the hope that by telling her story it will help inspire a more enlightened conversation about sex, and help others feel more empowered about their own sexuality.

This site is geared towards those 18 and older, especially women, who are wanting to come out of the shadows of shame and guilt about their sexuality and regain their power in the sexual arena.


About the Tigress in a snapshot

Natalie* (the Tigress) grew up in a Mormon family, and was taught that anything in regards to sex outside of heterosexual marriage was a sin. Although she had normal biological and emotional sexual desires, she endeavored to control her thoughts and natural instincts in an effort to stay true to her faith, so that she could remain a virgin until she got married.

Natalie attended Brigham Young University, where she hoped she would marry someone within her faith. While many of her friends got married at BYU, Natalie graduated single. After receiving her degree, Natalie returned to her hometown. Despite being older than typical for a single Mormon woman, she still believed she would eventually get married and have a family. However, as the years progressed Natalie remained unmarried. She struggled to maintain her sexual purity in accordance with her religious faith, and she experienced bouts of depression concerning her value as a single woman in a religion that defines a woman’s value primarily as being a wife and mother. Natalie eventually left her faith, which helped her in part to overcome her feelings of low-self worth, as well as release the guilt and shame she felt surrounding her desires to experience sex as an unmarried woman.

(A wonderful book that speaks to the struggle of older single religious, especially Mormon, women is Confessions of a Latter-Day Virgin; the author also wrote an excellent article for the New York Times titled, “Single, Female, Mormon, Alone”.)

Upon entering the dating world outside of her religion though, Natalie found herself in situations she was ill-equipped to handle. She realized she needed help to learn about sex and relationships. She also wanted to gain the practical sexual experiences she was missing in a safe and healthy environment. Consequently, Natalie decided to work with a male sex surrogate partner, in conjunction with a sex therapist.

You can read a more detailed account of her journey here.

Participating in a Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT) program was completely transformative for Natalie. Because of her positive experience, she is now an advocate for sex surrogacy as part of healthy sex education, especially for women. This site is about sharing her story in the hopes that it will help inspire a more enlightened conversation about sex, and help others feel more empowered about their own sexuality.

*Although I feel no shame now in my sexual experiences, I have decided, after much deliberation in regards to my safety and privacy, not to disclose my real identity. I want to be able to share my unfiltered experiences — the good, the bad, and the ugly — without worry. But know that these experiences are as real as I am, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you!


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